Dog Skull Productions or DSP is a group of individuals that like making games for others and themselves. DSP was founded by Emil and Jürgen on april 6, 2017

Questions you may have! (last updated in june 7, 2017)

  • Q: Why the name Dog Skull Productions?
  • A: Jürgen and Emil had to come up with a team name. And what better way than put together the two first random words that came to mind. Also skulls and dogs are cool.
  • Q: How many members are in DSP?
  • A: Currently 2.
  • Q: How can i join DSP?
  • A: No.
  • Q: What do you use to make your games?
  • A: Right now we use construct 2 and Game Maker Studios. Tho we wold love to expand to unity, unreal engine and more.
  • Q: How much money do you make of your games?
  • A: 12 cents and a half eaten bag of gummy worms. And by that i mean we wold love to make money off our games. But we dont. 😦
  • Q: Is there anyway for me to give you my hard earned cash?
  • A: in the future we may have a patreon or some other way you could give us your money.
  • Q: Is there anyway i can contact you.
  • A: Right now the only thing we have is the commenting system. When we have a fan base then we will most likely crate a forum.



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